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What makes this range so special?

a.k.a The Science Bit


African Earth Angel Body Care has finally introduces a natural personal care range. We have avoided all the usual chemical baddies which are commonplace in personal care products. Our focus remains firmly on making products that are good to the earth, great on your skin and fabulous to use.


We have carefully formulated our range to meet European standards of environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly products.


All of our raw materials are from vegetable sources because we like animals 

and don't believe they belong on our skin or used for testing of our products. 

Advances in technology mean that we can rather use raw materials that come from sources like coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sugar and maize.


All our products are free of harsh chemicals including Sodium Lauryl Sulphate(SLS) and that family of chemicals. These chemicals are used in personal care and household products because it is what makes products foam. It is in everything from dishwashing liquid to shampoo and bodywash to toothpaste. SLS is extremely irritating to skin and seriously heightens the risk of skin disorders.  In the last few years, tests have proven that SLS can be absorbed through the skin and inside the body these molecules mimic oestrogen. This then plays havoc with female fertility and hugely increases the risk of female cancers. Instead, we have used Decyl Glucoside which comes from sugar. Tests on humans have shown that direct and continuous contact on skin over 24 hours shows no irritation to skin. This raw material has also been labeled as 'Good Environmental Choice' by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.


Our range is also free of petroleum derived raw materials. We have done this because not only do we want to protect our environment but petroleum-derived products act like plastic on this skin. This prevents the skin from breathing and does not allow the elimination of toxins. Of course, this then slows down skin function and quickens aging. Petroleum derived products will often appear on labels as mineral oil, liquidum parrafinum, paraffin oil, paraffin wax and petrolatum as well as propylene glycol. These raw materials are so widely used because they are cheap. You'll be able to easily feel when these raw materials have been used because you'll feel them sitting on top of your skin. We have opted for using vegetable oils instead as they are both skin and earth friendly. The cost of these oils is well worth it as the feel of our products on the skin is just so much more luxurious.


None of our products contain harsh preservatives. We believe that some form of preservative must be used as storing products in the fridge is just not practical and most shops don't have fridges available for their personal care products. Traditionally, preservatives which contain parabens have been used. Parabens are highly toxic and are known to cause many allergic reactions and skin rashes. On product labels you'll be able to spot parabens as being called methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben and ethylparben. Another preservative to be aware of is 2-bromo-2-nitropane-1,3-diol as this again is known to be toxic. The preservative you will find in all our products is ECOCERT (European Organic Certification Board) approved for use in organic product.


All our raw materials have been selected for their mildness to skin and their gentleness to the earth and all its inhabitants.






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